Scooter idles but wont rev

scooter idles but wont rev Usually after several tries I can get it started but sometimes it just won t get going. May 17 2012 The overall performance winner of the scooter tuning exhaust test is the Yasuni C16 Kevlar. Outboard engines as with any internal combustion engine require air fuel and spark to maintain adequate combustion throughout the power band. Posted 20 44 30 Nov 2009 Post subject Will idle but will not rev up Hi all ive just put a new engine in my Triumph Trident however now that its up and running it refuses to rev. Intervention Each participant performed able bodied gait and ambulation using 3 different ambulatory aids traditional axillary crutches knee scooter and a novel lower PC Computer LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Vehicles The 1 source for video game sounds on the internet Jun 27 2019 The dealer diagnosed a bad O2 sensor which they said would cause a run lean condition causing the stall. I 39 m able to start the engine but the wheels won 39 t lock nor will the engine rev past 2000RPM. This circuit delivers fuel for idle and has the smallest passages found in carburetors. The idle dropped from the usuall 1100 to 900 and by the time I got home I Check your air intake and air filterbut mine was doing pretty much the S1000 The Hothead middot Sidecars and Trikes middot Scooters middot Vintage middot Gear. Hook the battery back up probably have to leave it disconnected at least a few minutes to reset and try to start it. Any help would be appreciated Dec 02 2011 My new to me 2009 1800 miles on odometer may have set for a while Kawasaki Vulcan 500 is slow to return to idle when shifting gears. a. 15 Nov 2010 Tried altering idle speed and mixture after cleaning carb it was idling slightly rough though changing idle only seems to make a difference nbsp Bike idles but won 39 t rev. It makes a sucking sound could be just the open intake but I can 39 t find any vacuum leaks used carb nbsp It will reach full rpm on the stand but on the road it won 39 t pass mid throttle and makes a hollow rattling sound. Oct 24 2015 It idles perfect and doesn 39 t smoke at all while idling but as soon as a press the throttle it smoked a ton of white smoke just like last time and still won 39 t rev high at all unless in neutral. The moped would rev so high when I started it I ruined the internals on the transmission trying to brake when it started. Screw that lines up with the carb slide is the idle adjustment. Go to 3. While dialing in the air fuel mixture you will most likely have to adjust your idle speed down a bit. I can pick the bike up and rev the nuts of it and it will do that without carb they suck those cag carbs with a needle that you wont be able to nbsp 8 Sep 2008 Now im thinking its a fueling issue but before I start pulling things In idle or when there is no load on the engine the revs will fly up smoothly. I too have had the same problem on a Chinese scooter. Problem is the bike starts and idles fine however when you open the throttle it chokes and splutters. The bike cold starts but will not idle. checked the pipe to see if it was clogged its not. Once it does that gargling it just seems like it 39 s too rich which is what lead me to put the holes in the box. It cranks up perfectly without the choke and idles fine so I have no clue what it is. coss 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Forums 3 05 09 2010 06 30 PM short throw throttle for a 01 yz250 allupinsydeyou General Discussion 2 01 07 2010 03 24 PM Mar 24 2015 Consequently the ECU will again restrict the amount of fuel injected into the engine and hinder the Honda Accord 39 s optimal performance. Gently turn the air fuel mixture skrew clockwise until it starts to bottom out quot STOP quot do not over tighten as it will damage the taper on the end now back the skrew out 1 1 2 full turns to establish a starting point start the engine and check the idle rpm 39 s and turn the idle skrew accordingly for 950 1050 rpm if necessary turn the air fuel 50cc Scooter won 39 t rev up Keihin PD18J carb Jan 5 2013 My Toyota Quantum 2. Jun 12 2017 Put in new spark plugs and air filter and inspected all the intake area for leaks. amp nbsp A lot of scooters and go Aug 31 2013 Its a 2001 PX 125 with a 160 kit fitted. So what causes a rough idle Page 6 Rev 3. not quite enough rev to get me going. The idle mixture screw controls the air fuel mixture at idle speed and often is located near the throttle plate. Notes Turn the screw a 1 4 turn at a time and give the engine 15 or so seconds to react to the change before adjusting the screw again. Has any 1 encountered a similar problem Regards Micky bo scooter problem hello have a peugeot speedflight 2 starts fine and idles fine but wont rev up have cleaned out carb and exhaust and checked out some wiring need to know if it fuel or spark problem thanks if you can be helpful Dec 07 2006 1. 5 kb On the SHB carburettors the choice of the idle jet primarily affects the lower and middle rev range. It amp 39 s s When the system can 39 t read the key the scooter will turn on and idle but will not rev out past 2 000 RPM. Moped Scooter for iPhone iPad game reviews amp Metacritic score HAVE FUN WITH THE ACCELEROMETERS Intuitively use the iPhone or iPod amp 39 s accelerometer controls to start rev up and idle your own imaginary moped. run and idle for a while but once it 39 s warm it won 39 t rev properly or will lack power nbsp 30 Oct 2015 quot Brand New quot right outta the crate gy6 150 Buggy w a Keihin carb idles good but wont take acceleration. I posted this in another list but I need to get this fixed. If there 39 s lots of fuel coming out of the tank Check that it 39 s getting into the carb. 5 turns out. If the idle is too high the main problems are these Increased noise. That 39 s where Carburetor balancing won 39 t help if the carbs are dirty. This is a screw that is designed to keep the throttle plate from closing completely. The one thing that makes me think it 39 s NOT that is a rough idle an occasional stall at idle. 5 Fuel needle clamp position groove from top Idle air adjusting screw 1 extrude 1 turnout 13 1mm Float height 3 6 mm 0. Kids ATV Cheap Off Road Go Karts Sale Pit Bikes Rhino Clone UTVs 50cc Gas Scooter Mopeds 110cc 4 wheelers Kids Quad SSR Dirt Bike BMS 150cc Dune Buggy go Cart 250cc Scooter 150cc Moped 250cc Off Road Dune Buggy 150cc Off Road Go Kart Kids ATV Sale Kids quad ATV wholesale moped scooter 50cc wholesale Texas Dallas Fort Worth TX NM AR LA 4 wheelers for kids dirt bikes fast 125cc atvs mule If it still won t start after that it s time to clean or replace the carb. has fresh gas and is getting oil. New Member Introductions. MCI Sharpy 150 Scooter 5 out of 5 stars on Australia 39 s largest opinion site ProductReview. If the reed valves are cracked they may not open all the way which will reduce the amount of oxygen that gets into the engine to mix with the fuel. Either way the solution is the same. wav 32. That should be set wherever it idles right. Scooter idles and dies. Move the needle up to the top slot and put it back together. I tried adjusting the idle valve screw and mixture i turned them both in fully and then opened them 2 turns as i seen this was the normal setting. i ve changed the fuel pump and filter but still it Idle Reed valves help push air through a two stroke engine that mixes with the fuel to create the combustion needed to create power. We are racing this weekend . Exhaust Gasket. after a while it would not rev up at all just would cough and miss. it does not stall but only gets up Answered by a verified Motorcycle Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. While this Motorcycle Troubleshooting Guide is not a complete guide of every possible cause for each problem listed it will help assist mechanics in troubleshooting some of the most common difficulties they will face. Definitely a problem with your inner tube. Once cut my bike got an extra 10 15 mph top speed Nov 30 2015 Engine idle refers to keeping the engine running when the vehicle is not in motion. I recently bought a used 2005 Yamaha Vino 125 cc scooter. 3 Selection of the correct size of idle jet. b. But I need to rev it or something to keep it going. Sounds like clutch is engaging at idle. Adjusts the flow of fuel through the idle jet at a constant I have a 49cc korean scooter. ports operated the heat thing that let heat into the air filter housing. There was a spark but it 110cc wont rev up Changed the plug and it started 1st time but refused to rev up past a high idle speed. Then it will take about 30min to get it started but though it starts back up when I give it gas it will bog down like it 39 s not getting any gas. It will rev with some finessing of the throttle to get it moving and will continue rev when the throttle is held somewhat open 1 3 to 1 2 . If the antenna is out it will usually flash the dash LED 2 times. Oct 28 2009 3. i try and hold the rev 39 s and the rev 39 s go up and down untill i give a bit more rev 39 s sounds fine slightly drop the rev 39 s and fight 39 s to cut out flaming Aug 28 2012 The GT200 is a pretty solid scooter the main problem is the clutch driven pulley assembly Again in SF the hills combined with the additional weight of the GT200 can quickly cause a noisy clutch. rfucknb on February 10 2012 The warrior idles fine. Then when that didn 39 t solve it they said it was a variator roller issue when quot coming out of high gear. When it 39 s stone cold it starts up no problem and you can ride it 100 yards and its perfect after that it just chokes will still idle but won 39 t rev Mar 22 2009 Sorry about not resonding right away been busy . I sprayed some starter fluid on the slide and it still dies. Ask Question Asked 5 years 10 months ago. The initial setting is 1 1 2 turns out. Auto Mechanic Matt. I am getting it almost every time my car starts up cold and sometimes at stop lights and other times the car is idling after warming up. Has any 1 encountered a similar problem Regards Micky bo Sep 01 2011 got it started however it takes ages to start and also doesnt idle properly. Ultimately if there 39 s a low or disproportionate air and fuel supply the engine won 39 t rev beyond 4 000 RPM. If I only give it a tiny amount of throttle it will pick up revs but anything other nbsp 8 Jul 2014 After a few tries it started right up but idled bad. the airbox is installed with a good Kids ATV Cheap Off Road Go Karts Sale Pit Bikes Rhino Clone UTVs 50cc Gas Scooter Mopeds 110cc 4 wheelers Kids Quad SSR Dirt Bike BMS 150cc Dune Buggy go Cart 250cc Scooter 150cc Moped 250cc Off Road Dune Buggy 150cc Off Road Go Kart Kids ATV Sale Kids quad ATV wholesale moped scooter 50cc wholesale Texas Dallas Fort Worth TX NM AR LA 4 wheelers for kids dirt bikes fast 125cc atvs mule If it still won t start after that it s time to clean or replace the carb. i 39 ve tried the idle screw and playing with the throttle cabe but still nothing. The mechanical advance not working properly. ScootDawg 39 s Scooter Forum a. Very slow speed traffic could also cause the scooter Toyota RAV4 d4d my o4 won 39 t rev up . Now then. I felt the exhaust and the pressure feels nice and strong coming out at idle so it must not be blocked. Also get a new thermostat housing without any of those vac. s_____6 Dear 6 Sigma After installing your jet kit my 2007 yz250f is a different motorcycle. I assumed I got bad gas and picked up a Help 39 02 R1100S Won 39 t Rev Oct 26 2009 oh no its not the immobiliser already gone down that route tried the 4 wire non immobilised loom with basic CDI two good immobiliser sets which have been ran on other bikes to test and an immobiliser bypass usually if the immobiliser starts the engine but wont rev the bike will cut out from the slightest bit of throttle this can take as much throttle as you can givei t but the wheel Jun 28 2018 Start but no rev as in just idles throttle plate position at idle on a older carb engine I would check throttle cable linkage first and fuel injector system would still have throttle plate so look there first then see ifl the manual notes a airflow sensor for fuel injection default idle 39 limp 39 modes for some loss of sensor data. Motorcycle Troubleshooting Guide. How to adjust your idle speed If the ATV will not idle or idles too fast an adjustment screw is located on the carburetor next to the choke. My bike has an all BLUE wire It needs to be cut. Toyota RAV4 d4d my o4 won 39 t rev up . k. 4 kb Harley burn out Download as WAV MP3 vehicle153. I am a new member here. Pull the carb It drops to idle as per usual but when I turn the throttle to go again there is nothing. I have a 1995 25HP Mercury Tracker Outboard that recently started acting up. This is particularly important if you use your motor as a trolling motor in addition to a main source of propulsion. It keeps beeping but not a loud continuous one like wheel lock issues. checked the fuel thingy under the seat and gas is flowing and the filter is clean. Tom B. Toyota rav 04 d4d diesel starts amp idles ok but won 39 t rev up dosn 39 t show any fault codes. Just like any of the other small maintenance chores you can adjust the idle yourself with a minimum of fuss and tools. You can either patch this or replace the whole tube. Then disconnect the hose from the air filter where it attaches to the carb. Fuel goes bad after time and the first circuit jet to clog with varnished up fuel is the pilot jet. Idles won 39 t rev. Jul 28 2010 My vespa starts and idle 39 s fine but when I try and pull off it will not rev up . Mar 06 2014 hello I have a MCI Firefox 2 stroke 50cc moped that suddenly when I start it it revs all the way up to nearly full speed the throttle isn 39 t stuck at all this just suddenly happened one day I have played with the idle and does not change the idle speed what so ever the only way I can make it idle lower is to put my finger half over the air intake on the air box so I kinda looking towards I have a 49cc korean scooter. 4 kb Kick start and pull out Download as WAV MP3 vehicle152. If everything above is correct check the Apr 11 2011 hi i have a adly silverfox or a bug jive scooter 50cc 2 stroke 1e40qmb engine i think motor has been rebuilt and starts right away and idles fine you start reving engine up and it seems its not reving hard enough so therefore it will not push moped along no guts carby has been cleaned out and blown through no help there motor did same thing before rebuild thats why i rebuilt it thinking it was Feb 10 2013 The carb. Why does my 50cc Peace scooter bog down when I give it gas by Jonathan Baltimore MD When I kick start my Peace scooter it will run then cut off. Must go. Honda ruckus idles but won 39 t rev up Answered by a verified Auto Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. All worth doing on a new to you scooter anyway. If you idle modern bikes too long or rev them hard before riding away you can do long term wear and damage to bearings and seals. REPLACE THE FLOAT NEEDLE gt Carbs are like a toilet. The bike is a full on wheelie machine. Hi guys been on before with same problem bike starts fine but seems to get choked when I pull the throttle causing the bike to die nbsp 9 Jul 2014 I started my scooter yesterday to go to the store and it started just fine. amp nbsp There are different specific engine designs used on these go karts and scooters but the principles on this page will also apply to many different engines. I opened up the gas cap thinking maybe it was vapor locked and it starts but still wont rev nbsp 29 Apr 2019 Honda Ruckus Idles but won 39 t Rev Up Solved 3 004 views3K views. But once I leave stop in idle it starts doing it again. 11. hey Not really sure if it fits in this forum but i have a 77 yamaha chappy 80cc 2 stroke i have just done the rings and all gaskets when i start it it will idle ok but when you try to accelerate in neutral or gear it will not rev any higher you can hear the air port opening and the engine sounds lower. 6 kb Harley drive by Download as WAV MP3 vehicle151. Read about the test springs and lubrication below. Sometimes after replacing a carburetor with a more elaborate one the idle jet might be too rich to let the engine idle correctly. PILOT JET CORRECT With one hand on the throttle maintaining RPM at approximately throttle turn air screw turn at a time clock wise until you bottom it out. The FIRST thing I 39 d do to find out how it responds is disconnect the battery so the computer resets . Hanging idle The engine idles high and then drops and stalls. someone please help. IT is not that Dec 07 2006 1. I also lose a bit of power when i go up hills as well and my speeds will even drop to 20mph sometimes. Scooter Tuning Exhaust Test Price Performance Winner Mar 21 2012 Motor idles but won 39 t accelerate. I have a Buddy 125 that sat for a few years don 39 t judge and would not start. 3. 2 kb Idle bike rev and pull out Download as WAV MP3 vehicle150. I have to hold the brakes in. A high idle level is not dangerous for your motorcycle but it have a few disadvantages and it 39 s still a sign that something is not right. 0L Turbo Powertrain EJ Series Factory 2. ONLY ONCE WTF i used to have a spree and when it did this crap i replaced plug and yahoo it went fast for 3 dollars. I 39 m not sure if nbsp 12 Jun 2008 Currently the bike will idle but die if you give it a decent amount of revs under load. The average engine idle speed for production cars trucks and SUV 39 s sold in the United States ranges from about 900 to 1 100 revolutions per minute RPM . Set the fuel screw near where it idles the best. o Allow sufficient idling time after warm or cold engine start up before applying load or rev ving the engine. Can add up to 8 more horsepower depending on your Scooter. I blocked the air intake with a T shirt and it didn 39 t get better. The Dawg Pound. If you have the correct pilot jet then before you get to 3 turns out on the fuel screw the idle will go up peak then start to slow down again. Motorcycle manufacturer recommendations vary but most issues can be isolated using a May 27 2008 The idle is obviously what gives you fuel during idle. This is the screw with the spring on it in the right front of the CV carburetor. i 39 v left jetex 22mm on. As Swifty mentioned the jets are inexpensive so its mainly the time spent changing them. Apr 20 2010 Similar Threads for 2002 yz250 idles fine but bogs and tries to die when twisting the throttle plz help Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Husky CR250 2002 throttle won 39 t turn. Aug 04 2012 I increased the idle stop screw until it would keep running. It will generally idle fine but will not rev up past about 1750 2000 rpm without cutting out. If your scooter is used then still check the needle but take the carb out unscrew the bottom of the carb and clean the bowl. It is found on your carburetor that you are able to turn and adjust and is a tool that will raise and lower the throttle. Start the scooter and blip the throttle open and close it quickly a few times. The piston messed up I had it replaced and now the scooter has to have the idle turned all the way up or it dies and it only goes maybe 25 now it won 39 t go up many bills and will not go up hills at all with two people. Mar 17 2017 When an engine is running at idle speed it generates enough power to operate systems such as the water pump alternator and power steering but not enough power to move the vehicle itself. Runs very rough from just sitting. The former owner claims all the motorcycle needs is sparks plugs. Page 39 OPERATION In hot weather the engine could overheat if it idles for a long period of time. A problem with fuel delivery spark plug operation or metering of the air fuel charge can cause problems at idle that may not be obvious at higher rpm ranges. You will see this idle speed adjustment screw from the top. I turned the idle all the way down and it still revs the engine to the point of almost exploding. Typically a lean condition caused by an air leak between the butterfly and the head or a vacuum line that is not attached. Check idle screw i The scooter may cut out because the idle screw is not . Alternatively try to increase the load to where idle control can function within specified ranges built into the generator. 00 Motorcycles Vespa Slow In Close Up Stop Idle and Off If this is not adjusted correctly your ATV may not run or run very poorly. There are 3 notches on the needle. Fair condition. The bike will start just fine and idle nbsp my sons 50cc chinese wont rev its trying to but its not quite managing. Modifying your scooter engine for additional airflow will NOT increase performance UNLESS you have the appropriate amount of fuel to go along with it to produce more power. when warm turn choke off cuts out rides fine but will not tick over at all. when cold and with choke. Jan 19 2019 Question I have a 2004 Mazda 6 2. In comparison to many service manual I must say this PGO one is not very well written. i 39 v just put new crank 225 barral bb clubman on. Idles poorly Fluctuations in idle RPM stalling. She wont rev at all for about 10 seconds she just stays on idle with a tiny barely noticable rev each time i move the throttle and if i open the throttle too much it cuts out completely. Jul 31 2009 If the engine idles fine it pretty much eliminates the possibility of an quot air leak quot . Outboard engines are popular in small watercraft because of their light weight and wide range of size for both low and high power applications. The pilot serves as a gradual step as the circuits trade off from the tiny idle circuit to the relatively large main. Studders and backfires Discussion in 39 The Garage 39 started by Vinnymarc Mar 29 2015. I have adjusted the valves to correct clearance changed vacuum lines changed fuel pump cleaned out gas tank and added new driven without gas cap taken apart and cleaned carb checked float replaced fuel lines checked for spark when hot. FITS MANY DC FIRED GY6 CHINESE 4 STROKE 50 125CC SCOOTER ATV 17 May 2017 Hi folks as the title says really it starts idles but wont rev just dies. 7GL idles but does not rev up. throttle controls a butterfly followed by a piston slide. Have done the usual Drained tank replaced fuel replaced fuellines with clear plastic ones Changed Bistarter Checked for vacuum Changed and regapped plug Changed HT lead Dismantles carb and blown out all jets Checked for air leaks Replaced air filter Am Porsche mechanic but cannot solve this 49cc problem Jun 06 2015 Right downhill. Any way back to the subject at hand i picked up the bike after it sat 25 years in the corner of a guys garage And after doing the work describe above it starts right up one kick idles good just wont rev it still up on a lift so it hasn 39 tbeen put under load yet may be ill try a condser Good afternoon. The throttle control is spring loaded and set at the factory to return to the idle position when pressure is released. When you try to exceed this the revs drop and it just dies. I have a 50 cc juajue gator and It would run to 40 mph. Throttle is controlled by twisting the grip. Say your engine revs but kind of wheezes or acts like it runs out of gas It is common to have a buildup of hard scum on the inside diameter of the hole in the main and pilot jets and it must be carefully removed. 13 May 2007 idle screw and turned it out about 1 full turn and the bike then happily idled at full on throttle but then it seemed to rev fine with no problems. bike idles but wont rev just stalls. Aug 19 2020 This CDI eliminates rev limit that keeps your bike restricted and reset the ignition advance curve for better acceleration. Here is a list of possible root causes still not in any Sep 29 2011 It still idles perfectly fine and actually has the same awesome throttle response if you just twist it quickly but when i try to rev it higher it cuts out and drops to idle and surprisingly doesn 39 t stall. Nov 27 2014 Scooter started normal but still would not take acceleration without bogging. solutions May 29 2015 I recently bought a new 2014 49cc ToaTao Vip scooter and i noticed my rpms wont exceed 3500. 4. Recommended rpm is between 1100 1500. Bike has a Kerker Slip on and a stage III jet kit. Now it is running at about 1 500 with the choke open and it won 39 t run at all without the choke. I opened up the gas cap thinking maybe it was vapor locked and it starts but still wont rev without choking out. Scooter won 39 t Feb 09 2008 Why won 39 t my car rev past 3000 rpms Matt Monson Normally Aspirated Powertrain 21 06 29 2007 10 09 AM 92 legacy will not rev past 4500 rpm pothole bill Normally Aspirated Powertrain 5 07 05 2006 01 28 PM Can 39 t rev past 5 500rpm after turbo upgrade BU308 Factory 2. au. Turn up the idle first. If the adjustment is OK or you can 39 t get the engine to idle well then comes the next step. quot Uh huh. ports. Mar 11 2009 The bike hasnt been running to my knowledge for 4 5 months. Transmission Features The crankcase carries a five speed close ratio transmission with an universal standard shifting pattern one down four up . Place your scooter on the main stand and make sure it s secure. I 39 m not sure if you can do this on a scooter or not but it may be worth a look. It would rev better than it ever had however now it won t idle at all. 2 stroke scooter won 39 t rev under load. If your scooter starts but won 39 t rev or run well there are basically five most probable areas of trouble Problems with fuel flow Problems with the spark Air vacuum leaks Problems with the carburetor Problems with valve clearance Fuel Flow Hi folks as the title says really it starts idles but wont rev just dies. Im having a misfire at low RPM and idle. but it is only starting with the shortcut and not by the start button on the steering. If it starts and idles try to rev it a bit. scooter has 7093 miles on it. No hesitation or surging. Over time especially if the scooter is stored for long periods of time with gas in the carburetor gummy deposits can build up. Bottom screw is the drain very nice for getting out old fuel from storage and water. Apr 19 2011 Scooter only idles. It seems like it just won t turn over. I did notice the exhaust is missing part of the port on the head. The correct pilot for your scooter is one that allows instant off idle throttle response and allows the air screw to be effective between 1 and 2. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. won 39 t idle down because air is being suck into the intake man. GY6 Mods for 150cc Scooters Mod Kits for Gas Scooters amp Go Karts This page will look at ways to modify and increase the performance of gas scooter engines which are now also being used in go karts. Low Idle. Tags WOW idles like a champ I let the ho got a ch80 and damn thing wont go over 10 mph and wont rev out like it should. An intake leak can contribute to a high idle. 0L Turbo 13 04 11 2005 05 06 Nov 30 2009 If you 39 re not getting the correct balance of air fuel then bike will cut out. kick star is doing too. I m guessing CDI unit but why would it not work above idle but be OK at low RPM Thanks Raddish The idle air adjusting screw is usually located up stream of the throttle slide. Dec 19 2010 scooter wont accelerate hello I have a yiben 150cc scooter. 50cc Two Stroke Scooter Motorcycle Idle and start issues. Under the bike in front of the muffler there are colored wires. I 39 ve checked that it 39 s sparking ok there is nbsp Can you say debugging when refering to scooter motors My geekness shows thru. If the scoot tries to move on its own while you are tuning it the idle is way too high. It starts to rev up but then kind of sputters and dies. some where. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Apr 30 2020 It 39 s really helped out with the the entire rev range and idles alot cooler than before. This allows time for the lubricating oil to reach all the critical engine components. Poor starts can frequently be attributed to a weak or faulty autobystarter electric choke . quot choking quot the air intake makes it die leading me to believe it may be running rich there aren 39 t any idle or high speed jets to adjust only the idle stop. if this occurs your scoot will start hard but won 39 t idle by itself without a babied throttle until it warms. Nov. Nov 13 2008 2001 Suzuki Bandit GSF1200S will not idle. A properly functioning idle should feel smooth no bumps or skips. If the Rpms do not go up anymore then Turn the Air Fuel Mixture 1 8 Counter Clockwise and that should be the highest setting. The idle adjustment screw is located on the carb but the exact location of the screw varies from scooter to scooter. The slightest air leak would upset idle mixture and cause stalling or high idle speed that cannot be adjusted with the throttle stop screw. Post by srr5008 21 Mar 2012 14 47. A compact rock solid 250cc 4 stroke air cooled engine demonstrates the advanced race proven technology. The mains are used from 1 4 throttle to wide open. 24 5. Both hand pulls broken short and throttle grip assembly needs repaired from being dropped. I 39 d look at some simple stuff first like the spark plug which might fire OK at idle but misfires under throttle Mar 20 2018 This is a classic symptom of a partially or fully clogged pilot jet. 10. Pull the slide out with the needle attached. Apr 29 2019. I opened the air box and still the same thing. 3lL that once it gets into normal temperature the car RPM drops to about 500 and it just idles rough. 25 turns seems to be the sweet spot as far as idol. Only fit GY6 DC Engine not fit AC Engine Be sure to confirm your engine status first Fit most Chinese 50cc 150cc250cc ATVs mopeds scooters and go karts with GY6 engine Rotate clockwise postpone the angle rotate counterclockwise advance the angle Adjust With a small phillips screwdriver. 9 Apr 2011 KG When you removed the CVT cover and started the bike and rev 39 d the engine What did you see Right now it will idle and stall if I rev it up. HELP 3 Jun 2011 On my 35 mile ride home it started surging and wouldn 39 t rev all the way to redline. See part number 638534 for fuel injected LX LXV and GTS models. Check that the carb slide can go all the way down and is stopped by the idle screw. If the scooter is stock this will be in the middle. A broad range of problems can cause rough idling in a motorcycle engine. 14 2019 Pride Mobility response Modifying your scooter engine for additional airflow will NOT increase performance UNLESS you have the appropriate amount of fuel to go along with it to produce more power. At idle the engine starts to rev SUPER high and the back wheel spins like I 39 m opening up the throttle. As soon as you locate it turn it in about 1 4 turn. I 39 ve adjusted to air mix screw back and forth. I nbsp . The first and most common reason a motorcycle idles high is due to the air and idle screw turned too high. I haven 39 t been in the top yet. The second I All this does is give you a high idle but your vehicle won 39 t die. If the problem still exists check and clean the choke circuit and carb vent lines. Has anyone had this problem It 39 s a 2006. Once it cools down it works and runs fine. Didn t mess with the auto choke since it starts and runs just not very well above idle. If I only give it a tiny amount of throttle it will pick up revs but anything other than a tiny amount it just dies. I think it 39 s possible to re assemble the carb on one of those with the slide 180 out and then it jams open. main jet 82 idle jet 33 Also check the rear brake is adjusted properly and isn 39 t binding. 01 8 0904 Throttle Control The throttle control is the right hand handle grip. These are the scooter kick 39 s over sound. Try rerouting them or replace with real BMW cables. Page 81 Main jet size Idle needle jet size 57. Jun 05 2020 Normally when I start it with the choke all the way open it idles around 4 000 RPMs and without the choke it goes down between 1 500 2 000 on the odometer. Another way to check needs an RPM meter. It doesnt 33cc scooter wont run sounds like timing issue. A couple friends of mine have 50cc scooters and they seem to go 35 40 mph quite well and Flip the idle control switch to quot Off quot if the Powermate generator is idling even when the load is plugged in. Aug 18 2011 my bike starts runs idles perfectly but will not rev Discussion in 39 The no diff still won 39 t do anything but idle. First make sure there is nothing restricting the air flow and if necessary remove air filter. Now you may have to Lower your Idle using the IDLE SPEED SCREW. 5 turns moved up a half turn and down a half turn on each carb with no luck and it still idles low on choke at 2000rpm steady and still won 39 t idle with the choke off. When the system can 39 t read the key the scooter will turn on and idle but will not rev out past 2 000 RPM. Fresh gas. So instead of getting a 12 0 39 clock wheelie from idle you can take off from a stop like a less crazy person if desired. com. The quot having to rev up high before the wheels respond quot is getting to me so I 39 ll take a look at the rollers weights. Sep 01 2020 So right now chair sits idle while I use my wife 39 s. I let it warm up till the RPM 39 s dropped into a nice idle and went to give it gas. Once again turn screw all the way in clockwise and then out counter clockwise 360 degrees 1 full turn . Oil looks fine and there should not be a problem with fluids. engine should become slightly erratic and you should have to play with throttle to The warrior idles fine. As for old bikes like my 1980 Honda CX500 let them idle with gentle revs not exceeding a third of the revs to redline. To increase the throttle twist the handle grip in a counter clockwise rotation. On the SHB carburettors the choice of the idle jet primarily affects the lower and middle rev range. I 39 ll keep looking. cant figure out what the deal is cleaned carbs changed carbs new spark plug air cleaner hard to start takes starting fluid to get to fire if anyone has a ide Aug 27 2014 Right now it starts first kick idles nicely and revs nicely until 1 2 to 3 4 of the way up the rev range where it becomes a turd and bogs gargles and simply does not want to rev. wav 193. The idle jets are available in a short and a long version depending on the model of carburettor. You may hear a rather loud quot Clunk quot noise when first gear is engaged. Got it started again tried messing with the air screws but that didn 39 t seem to help started at the factory 1. But the problem lies when I am stuck in traffic or in a slow area and I need to throttle about 1 4 to 1 2 way the engine will bog down and eventually cut out after a few seconds. Has dent in tank fork stop lock issues. On this page you 39 ll find our scooter repair questions archives containing questions that past visitors to the site have asked concerning issues with how their scooters run. Rules New Member Introductions and Forum Information. Once cut my bike got an extra 10 15 mph top speed Nov 03 2013 Idle jet. wav 114. Dont know where to go from here fine and runs good but after you rev it for about 30 seconds it dies. Throttle cables holding the slide up a bit. 1 0. Check that the carburetor is snuggly fixed into its housing on the intake. A passenger car will usually idle between 600 1000 RPMs. With flooding and winter storms up here in Grand forks ND. 4. The adjustment screw for the idle seemed to do nothing. Basically shell start up fine and idle around 1500 2000 rpm full choke but upon going to 1 2 choke or giving her any throttle she dies. Condition scooter running and main jet out. im totally confused. It runs relatively well but has a problem starting sometimes. Does this sound like a carburetor problem I 39 m fiixin 39 to take nbsp 5 Aug 2019 Ok I say quot accident quot but basically was wheeling it out of the garage to put the tank back on and exhaust pipes after having to replace some nbsp The bike now starts and idles but won 39 t rev above 3500 rpm. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Mar 06 2014 hello I have a MCI Firefox 2 stroke 50cc moped that suddenly when I start it it revs all the way up to nearly full speed the throttle isn 39 t stuck at all this just suddenly happened one day I have played with the idle and does not change the idle speed what so ever the only way I can make it idle lower is to put my finger half over the air intake on the air box so I kinda looking towards Nov 03 2013 Idle jet. Tip The exact location of the idle mixture screw can vary widely among makes and models so refer to the owner s manual if you aren t certain where the idle mixture screw is. If you get to 3 turns out and the idle has not peaked then you need to change the pilot jet and then set the fuel screw the same way. It currently has 573 miles. Does your scooter idle now If not you can turn in the screw a bit more maybe another 1 4 turn . The manual choke on the bike has to be played with in order to keep it running after being warmed up. main jet 82 idle jet 33 Mar 29 2015 Bike starts idles but wont rev. Motorcycles Vespa Slow In Close Up Stop Idle Big Rev and Off Moped Or Scooter 41 4. Share a link to this nbsp When i switch he choke off it still ideas great but i can 39 t touch the throttle without it dying. 14 Sep 2018 Rich bikes are getting too much gas so they idle high but lose power when is let go and they also rev down slowly after the throttle is closed. It changes the idol but doesn 39 t seem to improve things when I try to rev it up. If it idles fine but dies when throttle is applied it 39 ll probably be a nbsp 13 Feb 2010 I could get it to idle there but if I tried to accelerate or even rev the it it would die. The idle screw can be accessed through the opening in the seat. The needle is where zoom put it. Post by Joanne1255 Tue Apr 19 2011 7 21 pm It starts and it will idle forever but it falls on it 39 s face when you rev it. Clogged air filters have been shown to reduce your gas mileage by up to 20 percent. turned in far enough. It provides a smooth curve of power with excellent torque figures from idle to the rev limit. This page about the 2 carbs. The larger Vespa scooters 200 250 amp 300 all suffer from oscillation a wobbling of the handlebars experienced WHEN NOT HOLDING ONTO THE Archived Scooter Repair Questions Issues with Running Slow Bogging Down or Running Rough. If this is not adjusted correctly your ATV may not run or run very poorly. But absolutely refuses to rev up It will idle all day long at idle even a very slow idlebut when you hit the I just removed my exhaust to make certain there were no obstructionsno diff still won 39 t do anything but idle. The intercooler on this model sits on top of the engine on doing some checking we find that the large pipe that connects the intercooler to the turbo blows outwards when it should have suction. So I have to keep full Jul 03 2020 Aprilia RS4 50 2015 Rev meter not working Just bought a Rs4 50 and the rev meter doesnt work. Prior to my purchase the previous owner a friend said he cleaned the carbs. Although it is not limited to just those. Engine stumbles off idle to 1 2 throttle then cleans up. Try starting your bike. All this does is give you a high idle but your vehicle won 39 t die. Replace bystarter if this condition exists. I 39 v checked for air leaks where the air filter mounts to the carb and at the inlet manifold and found nothing. If your scooter is not going faster or stops revving higher at some point when going downhill compared to going straight then you can be certain your scooter has a CDI restriction in place. The Other screw that has a spring to hold it in plsc is the idle air screw. so i short cutted as advised and it started. After it warms up it runs good so I have to keep holding my hand on the air tube that comes up from the air filter housing for it to warm up and then it s fine after it warms up . installed a new plug. a. Those vac. The float valve may be jamming shut and not letting any I just finished reinstalling the fuel injection from Ecotrons and it would hold the rpm stable at 800 1000 O. Pulled the plug and it looks ok but is coated with oil. Depending on the modifications you make to your engine you should probably look to re jet your carburetor with a main jet in the 120 130 size range for GY6 150 engines . wav 135. The idle airscrew should be about 1 1 2 turns out on most bikes. I have taken the carb apart several nbsp Hi I have a question regarding a 2005 peugeot vivacity 50cc scooter scooter with the exhaust off and its still the same idles ok but wont take nbsp 25 Aug 2014 Will run all day at idle but won 39 t accelerate. Jan 24 2019 i have a idle problem and overfueling new afm fixed the overfueling and bad idle but now sometimes it still drops down 2 low and stalls . Excellent instructions and value once again. Jan 28 2017 It will start idle but not rev. 1. Very slow speed traffic could also cause the scooter It is NOT the pump It is not the black box it is not the timing All you have to do is and this is the hard part CLEAN THE IDLE JETS MAKE SURE YOU CAN SEE DAYLIGHT THROUGH THEM gt IF a carb is leaking fuel from a vent it is the float needle NOT SHUTTING OFF. It ll start up idle and run pretty okay up to 5 000 or so rpm but past there it spits back and runs rough and refuses to rev any farther. The scooter does also have 4000 miles so it 39 s also possible that they are worn. What could cause this share. I verified the slide is not sticking open on the throttle assembly 1. i think i need a bigger carb. wav 94. Its not rideable tho because under any load when i give it more throttle it just boggs down to idle and feels like it stalled but not quite. can anyone help me i just got an MBK ovetto from a mate which i owned before anyway but he has fucked some thing up and now it wont idle. Share Save. To select the proper size of idle jet slowly open the throttle with the twistgrip opening should not exceed a quarter throttle a slow and uneven increase in rpm indicates that the idle jet is too small. If that doesn 39 t help then you will have to check carb. 24 5 nbsp 8 Jul 2012 50cc Scooter won 39 t rev up Keihin PD18J carb I can get it to start and idle but opening the throttle makes is Motorcycles. i have cleaned the carburetor also tried another one. It does not seem to quot snap quot back to idle like my old dirt bike does. and motorcycle safety courses I guess figure you won 39 t ride a bike like that. If you have charged for the full required time usually 6 8 hours and the scooter is still not indicating a full charge then your charger may be faulty. I have a 70CC Moped with a Keihin Carb. I have to keep the throttle at about a quarter turn otherwise it gives up the ghost. New OEM carb now and the bike will run but not idle. It accelerates great and has lots of power. If your moped does not idle the pilot jet is likely plugged. Completely eliminated the bog issue I was having. Allow sufficient idling time after warm or cold engine start up before applying load or rev ving the engine. If the scooter runs noisily on idling mix this can be eliminated through the selection of an appropriate idle jet. It is also smoking more heavily than before. Many scooters never run at the low end of the recommended idle rpm range anyway. Apr 01 2018 Hi my scooter wasn t starting electrically on utube i learnt that connecting the starter relays could help. it starts up and idles fine but when i try taking off it will only rev up to a certain point then it cuts out. Adjusting the idle on an Evinrude outboard motor helps to increase the motor 39 s efficiency. So if you have big feet this is not the wheel chair for you. Engine runs hot Due to more oxygen than fuel combustion temperatures are hotter reflecting on a temp gauge. 2. . Jun 05 2011 The idle dropped from the usuall 1100 to 900 and by the time I got home I needed to keep pumping the throttle to make it up my street at 5MPH. My scooter will idle fine at traffic lights etc it is fine when I open open the throttle all the way. Part of the carburetor 39 s Idle circuit the Idle jet controls the maximum amount of fuel that the idle circuit will supply. mouser Aug 18 2011. EXTREMELY slow acceleration like I have to pedal for 30 ft to get it to start pulling Adjust idle so the scooter will just barely idle. Bike is obviously getting correct mixture at idle so check pilot and main jets and make sure they are clear. Some folks cure backfiring by turning up the idle slightly. Read more They aren 39 t expensive and a good no rev limit CDI did WONDERS for my old 150. I can go about 30 33mph max but it takes a while and the rpms are always below 4k. First check the idle speed and air fuel mixture screws see carburetor adjustment. It is not the cheapest exhaust in the test and it only slightly outperforms other exhaust but tuning is about max power and this is what the Yasuni brings to the table. Generally idle speed is just enough to keep the engine running without stalling out. If it won t start or won t idle then turn the screw to the right 1 4 turn at a time until it starts and idles. It doesn 39 t quit on me but makes a weird backfiring sound. I am pretty sure the jets are not the issue but instead the nbsp However when i come to rev it revs briefly but loses power. With the back wheel raised I tried to apply some throttle. I 39 m not sure I nbsp 18 Apr 2006 to start one morning. it will idle fine on its own but as soon as you give it a rev it goes up then drops big nearly stalls or sometimes does stall. 2 In Throttle cable play VENTO MOTORCYCLES Rev 01 page112 of 143 Bike won 39 t start Download as WAV MP3 vehicle149. Set the idle around 1 000 1 400 RPM if you have a tachometer. My present Jun 21 2014 I have a 2005 hammerhead 150 gt sport and the problem is when it s cold it won t stay running unless I hold my hand on the air tube. It would sometimes take it sometimes not. it has a brand new carb on it. 29 Apr 2016 this is a 2007 Honda ruckus scooter 49 cc single cylinder. Not Guaranteed Advanced timing curves Easy plug in installation Dependable High Quality. Also check the rear brake is adjusted properly and isn 39 t binding. It also backfires and it s not drivable. If it idles OK without bogging down try getting it up to temperature and then see what happens if it then runs reasonably then it 39 s almost certainly just the valve clearances. The problem may be that the load is not heavy enough to adequately take advantage of the idle control feature. Everything seems to be good gas is flowing through the petcock spark is good to all four cylinders. Needs a complete tuneup. Keep in mind the throttle stop screw is adjusted to keep a low idle the slow jets are used from idle to 1 4 throttle and decel the A F screws are used to fine tune the slow jets. I m obviously not super experienced but am trying to get this figured out and do the trouble shoot. Cleaned carb to no avail. Turn that Counter Clockwise to where it idles the smoothest should be around 1500 1800 rpms. That is bottomed out and backed out 1 and 1 2 turns in most cases. Email for phone number. The misfire will always go away one I give the car gas and start to raise the RPM 39 s so this makes me thing it is not Electric Scooter Tire Will Not Inflate. And before it would. When i turn the key the needle goes up and back to zero but no registration when driving. i can get it to rev really high by playing with verious bits but i won 39 t settle to a steady rpm for tick over. If I try to rev it at all it dies immediately. as in on start up it will be at around 2000 rpm but when i rev it past 3000rpm and release the throttle it will drop to 3000rpm and stay there until i press the rear brake where it will then drop back to 2000rpm. Idle mixture screw. Electric Scooter Not Showing Full Charge. You will see a philips head screw on the carburetor that you will want to turn to the right. although it did once for me on the center stand. If you put zip ties in between the pedal and washer it 39 s like you always have the gas on just a little bit to keep it running. Adjusts the flow of fuel through the idle jet at a constant Aug 01 2011 Hey there I have a simple question. May 27 2014 Not a fuel or carb issue took it apart and was whistle clean sprayed jets out with cleaner anyway. the idle speed air control controls the amount of air going in to the engine so it idles at a certain rpm so it wont stall when you stop at stop signs or so it wont over rev Asked in Cars amp Vehicles 7 hours ago Even with the rev limiter installed the engine is going to rev up then cut off because of the limitersomething like thisrev cut off rev cut off rev cut off rev cut off. scooter idles but wont rev